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    We are currently working with 30+ paid clients across US and India and across various sectors. We take great pride in providing our clients with actionable recommendations in a short span of 1 week and to top it, 90% of our recommendations are well received by our client. We assist in end to end deal closure and presently have an access to 50K start-ups in India and are expanding to other geographies including US and South East Asia.

    Our client is a high-growth Fintech player in the payments industry. They are eyeing towards southeast Asian market to achieve their market expansion goals and are looking to partner/acquire payment companies to help them establish their brand.

    Our client wanted to evaluate the companies across the countries in the SEA market and take an initial call for potential acquisition/Investment in 8 weeks.

    Growthpal helped the client connect with 25+ companies across 6 countries in 8 weeks. 8 companies were in advanced stages of discussion and one has received an LOI.
    Our client is a legacy IT services company listed on the Indian stock exchange. They are actively exploring acquisition opportunities with promising tech solution providers in India who can augment their technical capacity as well as provide a overall business boost for their US client portfolio.

    Our client’s requirement had multiple layers in terms of technical capabilities, revenue criteria, business relationships which made it difficult for them to identify right opportunities.

    GrowthPal within the first month of engagement shared >5 qualified leads, out of which two have progressed on to advanced stages.
    Our Client is an India-based Series C funded FinTech startup, working in the consumer retail segment, looking to onboard Tech and Digital Marketing capabilities through inorganic channels.

    Our client wanted to build multiple teams, with a pre-defined hierarchy, right skills and product mindset.

    We at GrowthPal shared XX+ companies in Tech and XX+ companies in Digital Marketing, with ~XX% of accuracy
    Our client is a South India-based Infrastructure conglomerate and as a strategy willing to diversify into Technology services and products with a focus on B2B products, Data and Analytics, and Cloud Services.

    Our client was looking to get into the business they don’t have exposure or experience.

    We at GrowthPal shared with them different assets as per their requirements with objective parameters for them to decide which assets to pursue.
    Our client is a fintech startup that provides an online marketplace for working capital loans. They provide collateral-free financing solutions to MSMEs and have financed over 300K+ retailers and disbursed ~1500 Cr of loans on their platform.

    Our client was looking to create an ecosystem for their end-users by providing multiple business solutions and make them more sticky.

    Growthpal has created a basket of 15+ companies in the first week of execution and is facilitating to the evaluation of these companies for potential strategic opportunities.
    Thrasio like a model for lifestyle D2C brands in India. Expertise in digital marketing, e-commerce management and distribution channel. Looking to acquire a stake in the brand where the founder brings in the expertise on the products.

    Our client was looking to acquire multiple D2C brands in a short time.

    GrowthPal facilitated the process of quick screening of 100s of D2C brands and connecting with the appropriate targets in a short span of time.

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