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      IT Services

      Profile ID #462
      Industry IT Services
      Founded 2004
      Team Size 45+
      Revenue (CY 22E) USD 25 Mn
      Funding Venture Capital
      Location California, US

      Company Overview:

      • A cloud solution provider with specialization in wide range of customer contact, CRM and ERP platforms for variety of industries
      • The service offerings include customer contact with expertise in automation and technology solutions wrapped on top of Amazon
      • Connect platform. They are Amazon Advanced Consulting Partner, and applying for Premiere Partnership in 2022

      Team Overview:

      • The Managing Partner has 20+ years of experience in the technology industry and is the founder of a venture capital firm. He has also worked with other big firms like Presidio, Service Now, and Dimension data
      • The team consists of 50 people including 10 Amazon Connect Pros & rest as delivery managers

      Financial Highlights:

      • The company has recorded a revenue of $11M (CY 21), $3M (CY 20) and $1M (CY 19) and are projecting a revenue of ~$25M (CY 22)
      • The company’s professional services vertical has resulted in a strong EBITDA margin of ~35%

      Investment Highlights:

      • Product: The platform offers seamless integrations across multiple communication platforms and wrapping automation around workflows to eliminate time consuming tasks with experts that give rapid results. It provides a single point of contact for support, guidance and rapid Cloud evolution
      • Customers: Their biggest customers are retail brands like Orbit, public sectors, healthcare & life science companies, education institutions, financial services institutions & BPO companies
      • Pipeline: They have exclusive rights for Amazon Connect in California, which is boosting their pipeline for 2022
      • Integrations: Have ready integrations with AWS, Oracle, Salesforce, Genesys, Google Dialogflowand Microsoft
      • Funding: The company is majority owned by a venture capital firm
      • Transaction Interests: Open for acquisition

      IT SaaS

      Profile ID #64
      Industry Computer Software
      Genre Specialty Customer Data Platform, Marketing Automation and Artificial Intelligence
      Founded 2019
      Team Size 134
      Revenue (CY 22E) USD 2.4 Mn
      Business Model B2B
      Location California, US

      Company Overview:

      • California-established & India-based Customer Data Platform for marketers that helps build customer identities by sourcing data from customer interactions and transactions through CRM, ERP systems, Websites & Apps, among others. The company uses Machine Learning to create customer identities and has created one of the largest customer data platforms
      • The company primarily serves 4 end markets which include BFSI, Manufacturing, Retail & Media. They currently have 100+ clients
      • Geographies Served – The company has a foothold in the Indian and United States market. The company is in the process of growing its business in the United States after having focused on the Indian market till 2021


      Team Overview:

      • The company has over 100 employees, majority of which are based in India. Over 50% of the team is focused on Engineering, Product & Analytics


      Financial Highlights:

      • Revenue – The company has achieved a $2mn ARR
      • Stage of the Company – The company has raised an undisclosed amount through 3 rounds of funding and is currently in the process of raising Pre-Series
      • Interests – The team is currently open to exploring strategic investment opportunities


      Profile ID #134
      Industry FinTech
      Sector Specialty Procure-to-pay (P2P)
      Founded 2013
      Team Size 110
      Revenue (CY 22E) USD 15-20 Mn
      Funding USD 60 Mn
      Location Texas, US

      Company Overview:

      • Texas-based Procure-to-Pay company providing solutions around Purchase Order Automation, AP Automation, Request-for-Quote Management and Supplier Performance Analytics to Enterprise and Mid-market companies 

      Team Overview:

      • 110-member team based out of the US, with have an additional team of 40 off-shore contracted developers

      Investment Highlights:

      • Product: The PO Automation solution enables organisations to onboard their supplier onto the platform and receive real-time PO updates from their suppliers and vendors. The AP Automation module is a true Invoice-to-Pay solution that reconciles invoices with real-time PO and ERP receipt data and automatically creates vouchers in the ERP system for payment. They offer ERP integrations with all of the major Enterprise and Mid-market ERPs such as Oracle, SAP, Microsoft, Infor, Epicor and Sage
      • Traction: The bulk of their customers are from the Industrial Manufacturing, D2C Retail, and eCommerce industries (primarily companies distributing or manufacturing a physical product). They have over 250 customers who use the platform and add ~15-20 new customers per quarter. The majority of the customer base consists of mid-market companies, with 6-10 customers with revenues above $3 billion (Dell, Caterpillar, Hitachi). The vast majority of their customers are American entities with offices globally; a handful are based in Canada, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Dubai, China, and so on
      • Revenue: As of today, the revenue is in the $10-20 Mn range. They grew ~60% last FY and are projected to maintain similar growth of 60% this FY
      • Funding: To date, they have raised $57.7 Mn, with the last round (Series C) of $31.5M coming in Feb 2022. The most recent round was raised at a valuation of 19X of revenues
      • Interests: Open to discuss Acquisition opportunities. Though they are not actively looking at such opportunities


      Profile ID #691
      Industry Consumer Goods (D2C)
      Sector Specialty Home Care
      Founded 1991
      Revenue (FY 22E) INR 11.5 Cr
      Funding Bootstrapped
      Amazon Rating 4/5

      Company Overview:

      • Southern India-based homecare company offering wide range of Homecare Products. Company focuses on bringing herbal and natural products in the Homecare category.
      • Company brings in diverse categories of natural products such as Herbal Cleaners, Herbal Hygiene, Herbal Cleaners, and Herbal Insect Repellants.  Company has natural products which are Biodegradable, non-toxic and safe to use.


      Team Overview:

      • Team consists of 40 members, of which 32 are Blue Collar Workers and 8 are in management. Team is led by Management Graduate with 10+ years of experience in Consumer Goods Industry.


      Investment Highlights:

      • The company has equal presence in both online and offline Among the online channel, 75% of the revenue comes from Amazon and 25% from Flipkart. In the offline channel, supplying to wide network of 4000 stores.
      • Company has been growing consistently over the years, with revenue for FY22 increasing to 5 Cr. from 5-6 Cr. in FY 20
      • The company’s has an EBITDA margin of around 12% and a Gross Margin of 45%.
      • Company is operating with a positive cashflow and a Net Profit of 8-10 %.
      • Company will be expanding its own Manufacturing Unit, growing at a CAGR of 30-40%.
      • Company is looking to raise fund/investment of about 10 Cr. for a 10% dilution.


      Profile ID #267
      Industry Digital Marketing
      Founded 2013
      Team Size 150
      Revenue (CY22E) USD 23 M
      Headquarters New York
      EBITDA 12-14 %

      Company Overview:

      • A marketing and communications agency that provides various marketing & PR services 


      Team Overview:

      • The founder has an average experience of 15+ years in the field 
      • The team currently has 150 employees out of which 60 are based in US and the rest in Europe across UK & the Netherlands
      • The team has expertise in Digital Marketing, Performance Marketing, Paid Ads, Website Design/Development, PR, SMM, SEO, SEM, Email Marketing, Consulting, Branding, Crisis Communications


      Financial Highlights:

      • Their expected revenue for the year is USD 23M with EBITDA between 12-14% 
      • Their CY21 revenue was USD 14.5M 
      • 50% of their revenue comes from Digital Marketing, within which ~30% comes from SEM and Paid Ads


      Investment Highlights:

      • The average client ticket size for US is about 17K/month and for UK is about 10-12K/month
      • They manage ad spends ranging from 10K to 100K for their clients 
      • Majority of their clients are Tech companies, ranging from Series B/C funded companies to global brands such as McKinsey, Aeon, among others
      • They currently have 155 active clients, and most of their leads are inbound
      • They are a profitable business, and have recently acquired another Digital Marketing agency, including which their revenue would total approximately USD 40M
      • They are open to all investment opportunities

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